Thursday, May 6, 2010

Create Your Own Bundt Cake

This recipe I found many years ago on the Nortic Ware web-site, when I was looking for a recipe for one of their baking pans. What I like most about this recipe is that it is a very versatile you can mix and match the cake mix with the pudding mix and any combination that you like. Today I mixed a vanilla cake mix with vanilla pudding mix, I was look for a nice simple pound cake to serve with the strawberries that I bought today at the road side stand on the way home. I happen to think we grow the beat strawberries here in California; Watsonville has nothing on the strawberry growers here in Merced County. Watsonville holds a strawberry festival every year, but I think we should hold one here instead.

Create Your Own Bundt Cake
1 (18-1/2 oz.) package cake mix
1 (3-3/4 oz.) package instant pudding mix
4 eggs
½ cup vegetable oil
1 cup water

To create your own cake, choose cake mix and pudding flavor of your choice. Combine all ingredients together; beat 3-4 minutes. Pour batter into greased and floured pan (see below) and bake at 350⁰. Cool cake in pan 5 -10 minutes. Turn out on wire rack to complete cooling. Experiment with different glazes and toppings or sprinkle confectioners’ sugar over the top for a festive look.Pin It

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Brandy said...

What!!!! Why couldn't you make this when I came home last night. It looks amazing.